2014 Heavenly Riders old patch
will no longer be recognized.
Heavenly Riders Christian
Motorcycle Ministry
Founder & National President:  
Robert Foley
Robert Foley's mission in life is to  
supply the needs of his community.
While doing so, he hopes to see his
Motorcycle Ministry grow.
Michael Floyd
The Heavenly Riders Ministry was created by God in June 1999
The Ministry was born out of much prayer and fasting. Through
touching and agreeing in Jesus Name. The Ministry was started with  only
four people a believing wife,  husband, daughter,  Cousin and  Jesus as
the head of our lives.
The Ministry was started as a hobby so Robert thought. But little did  he
know God had other plans for his life, to start a motorcycle Ministry. To   
ride into the highways and byways and tell people about the goodness of
God. Of how God spared his life from a motorcycle accident, that nearly
cost him his life. From the accident Robert has learned no matter how
much you attend church, or how much you give. If you don't love
your neighbor! Learn to forgive as God has forgiven you! You may
not make heaven your home.
The National President was always a bike lover. But had problems
finding a club that met his needs. One that supported his community and
fellow man to be about his father's business. After praying and asking
God to lead him in the right direction the Heavenly Riders was created by
the guidance of God.  
How we started
Co-Founder National
Annette Foley
National First Lady
Co-Founder National
Jeannette Foley
National Vice President:
Wash Chatman